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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Here is a picture of me in front of some trash and what I will explain next week as the vertical favelas,

one of Elder Staley in McDonalds,

and one of me thinking about Ordem e Progresso in Brasil.

This is a picture of a flower in front of the church logo,

a chair I broke at an investigators house,

and me pointing to an airport sign in the metro station....whatever that means...

Here is Elder Staley and I at a bus stop,

and in a grassy hill area,

and one of me doing a contact that I love even though it's kind of dark...

Here are pictures of Elder Staley and I,

the sunrise from our apartment this morning,

and Elder Thomas and I on the tower of the Banespa, one of SPs taller buildings.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hey, these are pictures of Elder Staley,

Elder Barney who I am on a division with at this exact moment,

And of Elder Wright at McDonalds. Pretty good stuff.

This poor/rich picture is a bairro called Paraisopolis and it has poor and rich people as you can tell. I didn't take this picture, it is in a book that I bought, but I thought you would like to see it.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Me on the phone, you could put it on the website when you put the Xmas phone call up.

Here is a picture of Marisa's baptism in front of the Vila Mariana chapel, the prettiest chapel I've seen so far.

Some of my zone in front of the Banespa, one of the tallest builidngs in Sao Paulo.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

This is a picture of my group, just about ready to go home.

And this is the last photo I took of big Elder Jones.

This is a couple pictures of Elder Staley and I at the Sao Paulo Temple on Saturday.

This is from yesterdays Christmas Conference of me and my two trainees, Elder Carvalho and Elder Costa, "my boys.."

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hey, just one of Elder Jones and I right before he left yesterday. Put this on the website with the title, "If We Go Down, We Go Down Together" and then put some cool quote about friends or a quote that can capitalize the fun we had together....
This is Zona Ipiranga. Elders Jorge, Barney, Smith, de Oliveira, Trawick, Jones, Stokes, Coimbra, Pereira, Andre, Quayle, Wright, Bond, Mota, Sisters Ratzke and Ribeiro. Cool dudes, especially Elder Jorge, far left doing the peace sign, and Elder Quayle behind him. Elder Quayle is 6 foot 7.

This is the new Referrals Secretary. I trained Elder Trawick, in the middle, and he trained Elder Muhlestein, on the far left. That's three generations of referral secretaries.

Usually at the end of the mission, a missionary makes a sweet planner cover with pictures. This planner of mine is called "A Tribute to Those Who Have Gone Before" It has the likes of Elder Turner, Elder Hicks, Elder Stoddard, and Elder Tonks. Also I threw Elder Jones on there for fun.
The first two pictures are of Elder Jones and I eating Subway. Now, that seems pretty common right, but there are only two of them in the whole city. A member, Augusto, offered to buy Subway for us, but we told him we couldn't go because it was out of our mission.

So he said that was no problem, he dropped us off at a corner in our area and went and got us both foot long Italians on wheat with all the fixins. It was absolutely delicous. You can tell how much we enjoyed it.

The next picture is of Elder J in the Metro Station of Vergueiro, about a 3 minute missionary pace walk from our house. We took it on Sunday.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

This is Jacy and Gabriela at their baptism. I don't know why, but Brazilians rarely smile ever. All of the pictures and stuff that they show us in their houses, there are rarely pearly whites shown. But it's OK. The baptisms went great, especially the fiasco of flooding and swimming and all the other stuff we had to do.

This is our Thanksgiving Dinner. The stuffing was the best part. Elder Smith from Minnesota and Elder Barney from Layton joined us. Our apartment is so small, it was a packed meal. And there was no football afterwards, which was pretty saddening. But I was grateful that they came over for a Brazilian Thanksgiving in Vila Mariana.

This is the crappy internet place we did internet in this morning. Look at that posture. It was so painful I had to go up to our apartment and we had to have a 5 foot tall Japanese lady come over and walk on my back to straighten it out. Not really, but those bar stools are painful.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Here is me in front of a sign at the Centro Cultural de Sao Paulo looking out over the city.

This is one of Elder Jones and I with our new Christmas lights we put up.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Elder Jones and I - Great Missionaries.

A picture of Elder Jones summoning the Metro, which automattically stops anyway, no need to summon.

Here is some pictures of me near the Monumento das Bandeiras which is huge, famous, and in the southern part of my area.

It's where I did contacts while I was in the CTM and Elder Jones and I went there on Friday and took some photos.

Me in front of the horses at the Monumento das Bandeiras.

The famous Obelisk of Sao Paulo, is also in my area and right near the Monumento das Bandeiras and Parque da Ibirapuera, really famous as well but one street out of our area, and mission.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

So yeah, the Quintal do Braz was amazing. We had a half mushroom, half salami, and fine imported cheese pizza.

The cost was a mere 73 reais, which is roughly 40 bucks divided by two poor American Missionaries. The answer to that equation is absolute deliciousness.

Here is a picture of the Bringhursts, from Orem, that I worked alongside during my four months in the mission office. They are the executive and financial secretaries to President Wilkins.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This is Elder Jones and I at the monument that I think is for Brazilian Independence.

It is located in front of the Muesem of Ipiranga.

It's the same place that Elder Stoddard is in front of in that good luck Elder Stoddard post.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Here is our b-ball hoop that I taped up this morning....

This is Elder Jones from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has 14 months on the mission and is my companion down here in Vila Mariana, capital of the Ipiranga Zone.
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